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The Success of the Leader Determines the Success of the Team

The Leader sets the Pace. Period. Whether you’ve got this down or are new at running a high-level team of Leaders, do you find yourself wondering if there are skills, steps, and processes essential to keep growing and serving your team? Well…there is! Learn the Mindset, Skill Sets and Systems to strengthen your business, further develop your performers and make an impact on your entire organization.

Are you Ready to Level Up?

If you’re on this page, I believe in you and invited you’re here! The All In Leader is EXCLUSIVE and by INVITATION ONLY! I partner with High-Performing Leaders with a lot of grit, passion and hunger to be more.


Take the quiz below to see if you’re ready to Level Up!
  1. Are you an expert in your Company Product, Comp Plan, Systems, and Polices?
  2. Is your rank in the top half of the Comp Plan?
  3. Do you work with 3 front-line, Gen 1 Leaders minimum and earn $100,000+?
  4. Do you feel you need to know more but can or cannot define what that is?
  5. Is it lonely or frustrating at times?
  6. Are you coachable and ready to learn?
  7. Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?
  8. Do you dream big but don’t know how to get there?
  9. Do you believe in investing in your growth?
  10. Do you want to serve your team in a different way?
  11. Do you feel fearful or uneasy and often times cant define it?
  12. Does your business keep you up at night?


If you answered “yes” to questions 1 – 3, you QUALIFY

If you answered “yes to a minimum of 6 questions, 4 – 12 YOU. ARE. READY!

There are 3 essential categories
of learning to Level-Up

CEO Blueprints

Strengthen your business through Mindset, Branding, Strategy and Planning. You are a CEO. Time to own it!

Lead the Leader

Build your top talent through Mindset, Team Strategy, and Advanced Coaching. Teach and empower your performers how to reach their full potential…and yours too!

Influence and Impact

Make a difference at every level of your organization through understanding your area of influence, how to speak from your own stage and effectively train at your meetings and events. Leverage your celebrity status to make the biggest impact.

Commit to be Better

Leadership is a responsibility and an honor. Your team has belief in you to help support their dreams. Learn the “how-to’s” of elevating your best business practices, taking your Leadership skills to a higher level, and experiencing sustainable growth across your entire organization. Are you ready to become the All In Leader? It’s time to Level-Up!

All In Leader Program Content

The CEO Blueprints

Build & Strengthen Your Empire

CEO Mindset

  • The CEO Mindset
  • Evolving your Role
  • SWOT

Personal Branding

  • Mission, Vision & Culture
  • Find You. Get You. Need You. Join You.
  • Collaboration

Growth Strategy

  • Planning & The Results Map
  • Operations & Systems
  • Evolving your Business

Spotlight Learning

  • Grow your Money

Lead the Leader

Inspire & Develop Top Talent

Leader Mindset

  • Leader sets the Pace
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Responsibility as a Leader

Team Strategy

  • Identify your Top Talent
  • Lead any Leader
  • Accelerated Team Growth

Advanced Coaching

  • Active Listening & Feedback
  • Accountability & Goal Setting Systems
  • Critical Conversations & Emotional Intelligence

Spotlight Learning

  • Live by your Rules

Influence & Impact

Share your Voice to Keep Growing

Influencer Mindset

  • Your Voice & Influence
  • Critical Boundaries
  • The Power of Relationships

Speak and Grow

  • Content Planning & Development
  • Content Delivery
  • Speaking & Facilitation

Meetings and Events

  • Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Creating a lasting experience
  • Accountability & Action

Spotlight Learning

  • Night Out With “The Girls”

All In Leader Coaching Programs

Work through the All In Leader Program to level up your Business Strategy, Professional Development and Skill Development as a High-Performing Leader.

Coaching from 1 – 10 Leaders
The higher number in the group, the less individual investment!

  • Custom- catered timeline based on client goals and objectives
  • Accountability Coaching and emotional support
  • The Results Map Book
  • Full review of each assignment with feedback and discussion
  • Unlimited, full access via text and email
  • All In Leader Workbook and materials
  • All In Leader Private Facebook Group open to your Team

6 months: $18,000 > 5 payments of $3,600

  • 12: 1½ hour bi-monthly mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Choose 1 category: CEO Blueprints, Lead the Leader, or Influence & Impact

12 months: $30,000 > 10 payments of $3,000

  • 24: 1½ hour bi-monthly mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Experience the full program
Coaching Programs

Mentor and Upline Programs

Need an Upline and a Mentor? Lets together dive into your team and biz for Advising, Strategy and Accountability. If you seek that “Safe space” to unload, regroup, refocus, troubleshoot and get the feedback necessary to keep leveling up your biz, let’s do this!

Mentoring Program

  • Mentoring Plan
  • Quarter and year Objectives established and reviewed on-going
  • The Results Map Book
  • Custom- catered timeline based on client goals and objectives
  • Unlimited, full access via text and email
  • All In Leader Private Facebook Group open to your Team

Individual 6 months: $9,000 > 5 payments of $1,800

  • 12: 1½ hour bi-monthly mentoring sessions via Zoom

12 months: $15,000 > 10 payments of $1,500

  • 24: 1½ hour bi-monthly mentoring sessions via Zoom

Team Mentoring 6 months $12,000 > 5 payments of $2,400

  • 12: 1½ hour bi-monthly mentoring sessions via Zoom
  • Perfect Program for super-charging Team growth, conflict resolution and mediation
  • Up to 10 Team Members
Mentoring Program

Teach Your Team Program

Partner with Kimberly to host your 5-Star Meetings and Events

Types of Events

  • Meetings: Live or Virtual
  • Summits/Retreats
  • Workshops: Live or Virtual
  • The Results Map Experience Retreat & Book


  • Planning: Agenda, theme, timeline, content, experience
  • Execution: Run the event, front and back of house
  • Speak: Training or Keynote
  • Full Package: All the Above


By Proposal only. Talk through your vision with Kimberly to determine the type of event you are planning, and the services needed to deliver 5-Star.

Teach Your Team Program

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About Kimberly

Kimberly Alexander is The Founder of All In Leader, The Results Map and The Grow Grid Programs, Growth Strategist, Author and Expert in Leadership for Women Entrepreneurs. Kimberly has worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as a partner in Leadership and Professional development. Kimberly has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs across the country to identify opportunity and take action for further growth. Kimberly is the best-selling author of the Results Map book series launched her best-selling series in 2014. Kimberly lives to make a difference in the world.

Kimberly is blissfully married and a proud mother of two girls. She has a passion for hiking beautiful Colorado trails and living a life of purpose, balance and meaning.

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