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I am so excited to formally announce the upcoming release of my new book, The Results Map – for Women in Biz! This book has me so excited not only because it is tailored toward all the fabulous women entrepreneurs out there, but because it also highlights the stories of 11 fantastic businesswomen and the struggles and successes they have found along the way.

In every chapter, you will find a story from a brave and courageous woman’s journey. Some are just starting out, some are still headed towards the summit, and some have reached the peak. I included each one to help you understand that you are not alone and to help illustrate essential components to achieving the success you dream of. Not one of us goes through life without encountering obstacles, and the stories bravely told by each of these women will encourage and inspire you to press forward to reach your own personal summits. These fabulous, and I mean absolutely fabulous, women have touched and stirred up my soul and impacted my life. I want to thank all 11 of them for inviting us into their world and helping make this book a reality.

Here is just a taste of what you will see from each of them and the lessons you will learn along the way:

Chapter 1 | Rebecca Barth

The hilarious and inspiring Rebecca Barth kicks us off in chapter one by telling her surprising story of how she changed course from a promising career as a serious attorney to becoming a speaker, author and business consultant with the message of putting fun back in business. Her story shows us that “sometimes it takes a specific event to wake you up!”

Chapter 2 | Krissy Ferro

In chapter two, Krissy Ferro bravely shares her story about the pain and difficulty she had to wade through, and the fear she had to overcome in order to achieve her dream of owning her own cosmetics company. Quite often, tough choices come with making changes. Understanding your fears and how they impact your choices in your biz and life are a critical step in taking the right actions.

Chapter 3 | Nicole K. Montez

In chapter three we hear Nicole K. Montez tell how the hardest news she ever heard propelled her forward into the thriving career she enjoys today. You will learn that taking a different perspective and embracing the heavy weights from your past is necessary for moving forward on the journey you were intended to take.

Chapter 4 | Pamela Zimmer

As Pamela Zimmer shares with us in chapter four, even achieving your dreams can come with the unexpected. You will learn how to identify your purpose, embrace it, and what the heck to do with it.

Chapter 5 | Kristie Keever

In chapter 5, Kristie Keever shares her very personal, very inspiring journey from barely making ends meet to owning and managing a growing business. You will learn lessons from her story about how to surround yourself with the right crew to help you on your own journey.

Chapter 6 | Susannah Campora

In chapter six, Susannah Campora shares her transformation of thought and how it shaped the person she is and the business she loves today. You will learn how to transform your dreams into a reality by identifying what you want, why you want it, then when and who will get you there.

Chapter 7 | Danelle Delgado

Danelle Delgado shares in chapter 7 that sometimes when life comes crashing down, it’s at that moment when you can chart a new course toward living a life intended. Her story will help you learn how to chart your course and set your strategy to achieve your planned accomplishments.

Chapter 8 | Denise Onofrey

In chapter eight, Denise Onofrey walks us through her journey from following the life everyone expected her to lead, to challenging the status quo and living the life she desires. You will learn hot to set the right boundaries to help you achieve what you set out to do.

Chapter 9 | Katie Myers

As Katie Myers explains in chapter eight, sometimes identifying life-long patterns in your life, even bad ones, can be the turning point in establishing the life you want to live. You will learn how to set systems in place to take action on your strategy and set boundaries.

Chapter 10 | Tina Gibbons

In chapter 10, Tina Gibbons shares her courageous leap from consistency and stability to uncertainty and ultimate freedom. You will learn how to cross check all you have learned to ensure every system is in sync so you can achieve your goals.

Chapter 11 | Layne Alexander

Finally, in chapter 11, Layne Alexander walks us through her story of tragedy that inspired the life and passion she enjoys today. You will be reminded to stay the course, spot check your progress and results, and learn how to make changes for better and long-term growth.

My passion for this book lies not only in what it can do for all the incredible women entrepreneurs out there, but also to spotlight the incredible stories of the 11 brave women featured within it. Like me, I know you will be inspired, moved to tears and challenged to press forward, deliberately and with a strategy, to achieve and exceed your career and life goals.
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