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Today I have an important, but popular question, to ask you. Do you think it’s truly possible to really get rich quickly with minimum effort? There are plenty of promotions, lead pages, videos and social media posts out there offering to show people how to build a BIG business in two seconds or retire in just two months. However, will any of those approaches truly work to get you where you want to be?

I’ll admit that I’ve seen people become an overnight success. It’s definitely happened before but the real question you should ask yourself: is it sustainable? If we could all hit six-figure incomes overnight, that would be amazing. I welcome success. We should applaud any business owner who has figured that out for their business. Unfortunately, it is not a realistic strategy and it is missing some vital components needed for optimal returns.

How Are You Showing Up?

Setting up your expectations and goals for the journey ahead can be all-consuming but don’t forget to ask the question: will it make a difference in the lives in front of you? Are you doing right by the people surrounding you? Are you implementing the right, proven processes and methodologies? Are you selling quality products or services? Are you A-list right now? You should be showing up ready to serve, as your best self and a get rick quick scheme could jeopardize the way you are showing up for your business.

What Are You Offering?

Is your offer a high quality, high-level product or service? If you are just playing the numbers for your own benefit and only paying attention to the current returns, you are neglecting any sort of long-term game plan. Look inward. If you aren’t offering outstanding products or service, then you need to focus on you first.

Are You Truly Ready?

If you aren’t able to deliver A-game, 150% of the best version of yourself, then you aren’t ready to show up yet. You aren’t ready for true success. Often that is the case, you simply aren’t there yet. Sometimes we don’t want to do the tough work required to serve our purpose and passions. It could be for a variety of reasons: too much effort involved, fear of failure or judgment, or there might be elements you aren’t ready to face. It probably won’t be easy but if you are genuinely ready to do the work, ready to make an impact, and ready to push the launch button, success will happen.

If you aren’t there yet, take a breath and make sure you are showing up as the best version of yourself. Just because you can sell doesn’t mean you should. Make certain you are representing yourself and your brand in an authentic way and I promise you the millions will come. It just doesn’t need to be in 2 minutes.

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