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So what’s the big secret? Is it earth shattering…no, game-changing, YES! The core is the center spoke of your biz where everything else connects. Your purpose is your why. The niche is how you serve. So where does branding fit into your biz puzzle?

Secret sauce? You got it! Your message and platform are the key elements to building a sustainable brand. If you are looking to scale your biz then you need a strong platform that can scale to endless possibilities. Sometimes, as biz owners, we get stuck in a loop of offering the same thing and then getting frustrated when roadblocks and obstacles keep us from expanding our reach or income. Do not build your biz further until you have a full understanding and are taking ownership of your foundational message and platform. Otherwise, boom, spaghetti against the wall and your audience has massive brand confusion. Let’s explore how to alleviate that.

Your Foundational Message

Can you sum up your biz and brand up in 5 minutes; on what you do and who will resonate with you? Your foundational message is your tagline. This contains five or six keywords, like the subtitle of a book and what you put at the top of your website, brochure or biz card. What pain points do you cure, what solutions do you offer? Defining the elements of your biz and beyond can be tough, but narrowing down your foundational message to those keywords can take your brand to the next level. When you take ownership of your brand, it defines the legacy you leave behind.

I’m a growth strategist by trade, and though I do a lot of things with entrepreneurs and biz owners, my tagline is “It’s Time to Grow BIG.”

Whether customers or clients worked with you an hour, a day, a week, a year, or ten years, knowing what they get from working with you is key to your foundational message.

What is Your Foundational Platform?

Your foundational platform is the fundamental learning that your audience will need, regardless of where they are at in their biz or life. Your foundational platform is the core of your brand and message.

Once you have your foundational message, you can figure out your platform. This is what you’re known for, the foundation of your brand. However, if you aren’t clear on your foundational platform you need to start at the beginning. 

For a brand new client, where do you start? When does the learning, teaching, service, coaching, or program begin? What is your main program? What is the product or service that got you started? What key learning points do you deliver for your clients? You build from the core. The main fundamentals of what you teach, share or offer is the key. It is the reason that you do what you do, and the starting point of how clients can work with you.

Then take a look at your content. What are you publishing, promoting and putting out into the world? Do you have a blog? Have you created a podcast? How many of you have written a book? What message are you delivering on a consistent basis?

The answers to these questions are the keys to uncovering your foundational platform and the ability for your audience to find you, get you and need you. This is the offering that everything else is built on. As you continue to grow your biz, this will be the core of what your brand is all about. Each additional offering or bucket of biz I like to call it, will build upon this center. That’s why operating from a foundational platform is imperative to an effective branding strategy. Take one program, one message, and scale it to how your audience needs to be served! One program or platform = breaking past six figures and the ability to grow to seven! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Does your brand speak to people? Can they resonate with your brand from the moment they reach your website or interact with you in person? If you’ve built your foundational message and platform for your brand, the answer will always be yes, yes YES!!!

This is just the beginning. Want to REALLY learn how to do this thing right, while building strong and fast? Honing in on your foundational platform and message is just one of the elements that are critical to your brand and company growth. Join me and my training team of experts at the Grow Grid Intensive. Join us the first weekend of November to learn all the steps needed to take your business to the next level of success, and really (I mean really) do this thing!

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