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Stop the
Revolving Door

Field Organization
Training & Consulting

Kimberly Alexander Inc. is a Professional Development Company focused on strategic business growth, specializing in field organizations. The mission of KA Inc. is to instill belief in Entrepreneurs that they can be great, and then show them how to do it.

Sales and team-building processes are critical in laying the foundation of a great business. THE CHALLENGE of most organizations is to stop the revolving door of great Entrepreneurs disappearing, seeing overnight success and then failing. Why does this happen?

Teach your field how to be business owners! Anyone can launch a business. Very few can keep it. Show your field how to be the exception.

3 Ways to Partner with us to Grow Your Field

Field Development

Stop the revolving door. Build & Retain your field.

Let us support your training team or serve as your training department. One stop support from special projects 1 – 6 months or 6 – 12+ month retainer projects

Grow your team: Workshops, Executive/Leadership mentoring, train the trainer

Grow your programming: Development of training content & programs, restructure current training platforms, strategic growth strategy


Business & life strategies to grow a thriving field.

Let us create your growth foundation. Retain The Results Map Program as a part of your company’s on-going development and strategy for growth. We offer a certification process/train the trainer with your training team and leaders, or can be your built-in trainers. This is essential, foundational training for anyone in your organization.


Educate, Inspire and Impact your field to keep growing.

Let us be your event team. 3 event options offered: The Results Map Experience retreat specialized to your company, Executive or Leadership Summits, and keynote speaking. This is essential when you need support in planning, content development and execution of small, boutique-sized events.

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About Kimberly

After over 20 years of a flourishing corporate executive career, Kimberly Alexander launched her company in 2013 as a Growth Strategist and Transformational Speaker. Since then, Kimberly has worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as an expert in leadership and professional field development. Her niche in serving corporations is the development and growth of Independent Entrepreneurs carrying a National brand name. She has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth. Taking a proven successful program, she launched her best-selling book series in 2014, first with The Results Map: Business and Life strategies to get what you want. In 2015, The Results Map for Women in Biz was released. Written from her own experiences, Kimberly has guided companies and thousands of individuals to immediate success with her simple, direct and effective fundamentals. Kimberly lives to partner with companies to make a difference.

Kimberly Alexander Inc. Team

Supporting our clients at a 5-star level requires a dedicated team. Kimberly Alexander Inc. is fully supported by experts that are strategic, passionate and dedicated to growing the brand and our client’s business.

Kimberly Alexander

Founder and Growth Strategist

Blake Alexander

Director of Operations

Katie Myers

Director of Communications

Donna Galassi

Director of Brand & Digital Strategy

Amy Johnson

Director of Marketing


Robert Golden

“Kimberly’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She walks in a room and things happen. Her insight and focus on advising business people how to grow and prosper is real!”

Robert E. Golden, CAE, RCE, President/CEO South Metro Denver Chamber