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If you want to be BIG, you have to think BIG, and play BIG! In our world, we make our own luck and that comes from hard work and dedication to our craft. One of the ways you do this is by developing programs to elevate and grow your brand.

That means you need to invest the time and effort in developing your biz. You begin by asking yourself three very simple questions:

Why would someone choose to work with YOU over anyone else?

Your story is an imperative part of your brand identity. It’s the human point of interest that draws in your audience and connects you with customers and clients. You need to know your strengths and how you can help others. What problem can you help your clients solve? This is where you build your strategy and tap into the network of power partners you’ve cultivated. There may be thousands of others in your niche, but what makes you stand out from the rest of the pack?

What makes YOU the expert?

Know what makes you the expert in your field. Look to your testimonials for inspiration. Your audience will tell you where your strengths lie. Your experiences will guide you in developing your credibility. Know that your brand is the heart of your company. It has to be trusted, and that means developing your expertise in the niche you’ve selected.

Your audience needs YOU to show up! How will YOU make sure it happens?

You can’t phone in sincerity. You’re building a culture of trust and growth. Every potential client wants to know they’re important. They have a problem that only you can solve. You figured that part out in the first and second questions. So make sure your programs and incentives match that dedication to your expertise and your ability to help them above all others in your field. How will you be available for them when they need your guidance?
Okay, so answering these questions may be more complicated than you anticipated, but let’s be honest…building your biz requires strength of character, dedication, and focused time. These questions are simple because they’re foundation questions…cornerstones to your business. Knowing these answers will guide (and keep) you on the correct path. You can’t do everything, but what you can do, you excel at. Play BIG and you’ll see the results you and your clients deserve.

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