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It’s one thing to know that you need to move from your current spot in order to be successful but it’s another entirely to put together a plan to get you there.

What? Why? When? Who? Those are the questions you need to answer to develop a solid strategy that gets the results you want. There is no short cut or cheat for this since everyone’s direction is going to be variable. What one person needs or wants to achieve is going to differ, possibly drastically, than every other individual they encounter. This is an individual challenge and no one is going to be able to rely on another’s strategy and still achieve the results needed. Therefore, it’s time to do some brainstorming to lay the groundwork needed to arrive where you want to go.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal business or lifestyle, what are the images you see? Where do you want to go and what do you want when you get there? Understanding what you want in your business is one of the most critical pieces to your Results Map.

Why Do You Want It?

There is so much out there on the benefits of figuring out your “why.” Not only do you need to ask yourself why you want these things for yourself, you need a why that will both inspire and motivate you. If your why isn’t deep enough, if it is shallow and superficial, you won’t be able to push through to the next level when it really counts. Your competition, the one that has a why that truly moves them, will outshine you every time. Your why determines your purpose, your path, and your drive.

When Will You Get It?

Timing is more important than many give it credit for. If you allow for too much time, a comfort zone, you could find yourself veering off-track or coming up with justifications instead of accomplishments. If the timeline is too short, you may end up with missed deadlines, dashed expectations, and a feeling of failure that’s hard to shake. Set milestones that you can meet but that also motivate you to push harder than you are accustomed. Challenge yourself, be realistic and set a specific time frame for achievement.

Who Will Support You?

Don’t be a hero; there is no need to be. No one person is an expert at everything so don’t approach this as if you are the Everything CEO or Be All End All. Do a firm assessment of your skills and talents then look at the details of what needs to be accomplished. What on that list is best done by you and what would be done better by an expert in that field or industry? This is how you build the crew that will push you towards results.

Are you ready to take that leap into the unknown to reap the rewards you want but have hesitated to go after? Ready to feel proud and accomplished because you’ve made a positive impact on your business and your life? That’s why The Results Map exists – to help business owners find fulfillment in their work and their lives