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Now that you have developed your foundational message and platform, it’s time to move on to your programs.

We’re going to cover how to scale your programs to serve the masses. Many of you spend time working one-on-one, but there are only so many you can help. What about those who want to learn differently? What about those who aren’t ready to take on mentorship, but are interested in your message?

The way to ensure that they get the attention and dedication they deserve is by offering the same learning in various ways.

Individual Programs

One-on-One Mentoring
This is a dedicated connection between you and client. Mentoring isn’t for everyone, but some need that guided touch to succeed.

Writing a book is another great option. There are some who learn best by reading, and offering your content in print and digital form enables you to connect with that portion of your audience.

Some people learn best by listening. Podcasts, audiobooks, and even video can work well for these people.

Some are visual learners that can only understand when they connect through video.

Group Programs

Workshops provide the in-person touch with the ability to connect with others around them.

This is an exclusive think tank where everyone can benefit from the collective intelligence of one another to solve and work through challenges.

Virtual Options
Video can work here, as well. So can online courses with interactive lessons.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you offer three levels: a beginner, an intermediate, and an advanced price point.

If you have a virtual online program, offer three options with three levels of support that fit different budgets and have different time commitments. If you offer a mentor program, these same considerations apply.

Each level will fold into the next. For example:

Step One: A new customer might decide to start small and choose your Level 1 offer.

Step Two: If they choose level 2, they would receive both level one and level two. By paying more, they get more.

Step Three: They would receive all the previous content plus the exclusive options only available for level 3.

Setting up your tiers in this manner helps you evolve as a biz. Don’t ignore the possibilities available in value ads, as well. This is free content that offers a condensed and limited view of the work you do. My “No More Crappy Programs” video series, for instance, is a perfect example.

Make sure you are three levels deep in every single thing that you do. You don’t want everyone at level 3. You need more at level 1 and 2 so that you can share yourself and your message to those who need it. It’s not about the big payout. It’s about serving your community with the dedication and attention they deserve.

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