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Discover your Perspective.
Build your Strategy.
Drive Big Results!

The Results Map takes a new approach to planning and increasing outcomes while transforming professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs to a life of balance and ultimate success. Learn steps to adopt each principle, change behaviors and achieve the results that will catapult your biz to a new level. The Results Map will guide you through strategic exercises to identify your purpose, your plan and your possibilities in every area of your life. Start seeing BIG results in less time while living a blissful life too!

The Results Map will guide you through a 3-part fundamental system to build the biz and brand you have always dreamed of. Here’s how to build YOUR map:


Own your purpose, overcome fear and change, use your past to thrive now


Define your key planned accomplishments and how to leverage your actions


Build systems to drive your strategic map to see results

Two Brands That Will Show You The Way

The Results Map Experience

Are you ready to build a serious biz and grow bigger than you could ever imagine? The Results Map Experience Retreats are for the serious Entrepreneur ready for MORE.

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The Results Map For Women In Biz

The Results Map: Book and Exercises

The Results Map guides you to get crystal clear on your life, your biz, and just how to make it happen and get it done.

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Meet The Founder

Kimberly Alexander is The Founder of The Results Map and The Grow Grid Programs, Growth Strategist and Transformational Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs. Kimberly has worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as an expert in leadership and professional development. Kimberly has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth. Kimberly launched her best-selling series in 2014, first with The Results Map: Business and Life strategies to get what you want and in 2015, The Results Map for Women in Biz.

Kimberly is married and a proud mother of two girls. She has a passion for hiking beautiful Colorado trails and living a life of purpose, balance and meaning.