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All the world is a stage and I love being on it! Educate, Inspire and Take Action is a must. Let me share with your peeps the “how-to’s” of getting it done.

Kimberly Alexander is the Founder of The Results Map and The Grow Grid Programs, Growth Strategist and a Transformational Speaker for Women Entrepreneurs. She has worked strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth.

Signature Topics

All In

It’s time to gain the right perspective. Clear the clutter of what holds most women back in business and in life, by identifying the most critical elements of your business. Lay a strong foundation to see fast and sustainable results in every area of your life and learn how to go All In …and WIN.

Key Learning: Identify what is really holding you back, how to conquer fear and find solutions to make it work for you, not against you, identify what you REALLY want in your biz and life…and how to own it

Flip The Switch

You have a great business and powerful message but often wonder if there are other ways to serve. Well…there is! Most Entrepreneurs are sitting on several revenue streams that, with the flip of a switch, can turn them on. Learn the simple steps to take to unlock new opportunities and continue growing the dream you call your biz!

Key Learning: Your Foundational Platform, buying decisions your audience makes, scale revenue streams to further grow your biz

Kimberly Alexander speaking engagement

Its Non-Negotiable

More is never more in biz and life. Learn how the right actions will grow your biz at warp speed while letting the negotiables go. The Result…learn the right actions to (really) grow your biz!

Key Learning: Mirror your tasks to your planned accomplishments, cut unnecessary tasks, and get real with your time in your biz and life

Leading a Winning Team

Embrace the strength of your crew to further grow talent and business. The ultimate chat about making a difference and empowering others through remarkable leadership and relationships.

Key Learning: Leverage relationships to expand business growth, elevate your team

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“Kimberly is well versed in giving you strategic ideas on how to get your goals achieved. She is brilliant in her delivery. Not only is she a great speaker but I get to call her a great friend.”

Penny Brenden, Owner, The Connecting Experts