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The Crew

Kimberly Alexander

Kimberly Alexander

Founder of The Results Map Programs
& The Grow Grid Programs

Where I’ve been

I had a rockin’ career in the corporate world. Loved it! After 20 years of doing the Exec thing, I thought I would try something new. So I gathered everything I loved and enjoyed, and built my dream brand. I wanted to develop programs that would help people flourish in biz and in life, since most people struggle with one or both areas.

So here I am, a Transformational Speaker, Strategist and Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs. I have worked with several multi-million dollar organizations as an expert in leadership, professional and personal development, and strategically with Entrepreneurs to identify opportunity and take action for further growth. Can someone pinch me please? This is exactly where I am meant to be!

What I love

Some of the toughest times in my life brought me here, to this space, in this moment to live my life and follow my passion and purpose to help others do the same. I have an undying love to make a difference in people’s lives. If I cant make a difference, I don’t do it! I lead inspired, transformational retreats, mentor individuals and hit the stage to spread the message. I love the peeps and seeing the switch flip to move their biz forward. Short term, long term results, you name it, that it what I aim for in all that I do…and love.

What I live for

Everyday I find myself counting my blessings. My hubby and best friend JJ, my daughters Emma and Megan, my family and friends, my health, my sense of self. Ive seen different seasons in my life. We all have, its called life, right? Well, this crazy thing called life is one that I have a big respect for. I live…to live and love and laugh with all of the people and places that matter.

I love to garden. I love to hike. I love to be silly. I love to travel. I love to laugh until my ribs ache. I love movie popcorn. I love a good glass of red wine at the end of the day. I love sunrises and sunsets. I love a good nap on a Sunday afternoon. I love conversations around the breakfast table. I love fresh flowers. I love my husband and children’s embrace…

I love my life.

Blake Alexander

Director of Operations, Kimberly Alexander Inc.

Blake came into my life years ago as my brother in law. Since that time we have developed a relationship first built from family and has grown into a remarkable friendship and mutual respect in biz and life. I have always admired Blake for his passion for people and great talent in running and building business. He is a truly incredible person and knows how to get things done…and keeps me on my toes too!

After graduating from Arizona State with a Business and Communication degree, Blake Alexander was a manager at the Highland Haven Creekside Inn for over 10 years. From customer service to implementing new programs, Blake worked with passion and perseverance to increase revenue steadily every year. Blake expanded the corporate retreat presence and revenue stream at the Highland Haven. From Blake’s dedication, his service helped earn esteemed awards such as Business of the Year from the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce and highest customer ratings from Trip Advisor, 5 years running. In 2015, Blake won first place in his class and overall in the Denver Open physique competition. Is there anything this guy cannot do? I don’t think so!

Blake is married to his beautiful wife Roxy and they have 2 adorable kids Easton and Maizy. Living in Littleton, Colorado he enjoys maintaining a fit lifestyle and spending quality time with his family.

Blake Alexander
Donna Galassi

Donna Galassi

Blue Zenith
Serves as Director of Brand & Digital Strategy
Independently for Kimberly Alexander Inc.

There isn’t a single person I know who doesn’t adore Donna Galassi, me included! Honestly, you see Donna enter a room and it puts a smile on your face. She is so bright and beautiful to the core. She has truly elevated and supported the brand with her brilliance and expertise. Together, Donna and I have shared many hats in our businesses and friendship, and I am forever grateful.

Donna Galassi, President and CEO, founded Blue Zenith, a digital marketing agency, in 2009. As a software engineer and with over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, Donna took her skills in technology and combined them with her love for creative design and Blue Zenith was born. From the start, she knew that building meaningful relationships with her clients was the key to creating uniquely custom websites. As a small business owner, Donna soon became actively involved in the small business community by joining the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and supporting local non-profits that benefit the local community.

Fast forward to today and Blue Zenith creates more than just websites. We build complete online presences for our customers. A website is not just a website, but the number one marketing and branding tool that small businesses rely on to build their business. Even though our digital marketing services have grown, the way we do business has stayed the same: only by understanding how our clients do business with their clients can we focus their message, brand, and online presence to be powerful and true to their business’s vision.


Katie Myers

CR Conversations
Serves as Director of Communication
Independently for Kimberly Alexander Inc.

I met Katie and it was love, love, love! I just knew this was someone who needed to be in my life. I admire Katie so much for her values, her dedication to making a difference and her out of the box thinking. There is no stopping her determination and authenticity in biz and life. Plus, she shares my love of dogs and makes me laugh on a daily basis. A keeper indeed.

Katie is the CEO of CR Conversations and an expert communication strategist. After 6 years in the insurance industry Katie started CR Conversations in May of 2013. Through her proven program The Core Conversations, she guides coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to avoid the entrepreneurial “F” word – failure, in their sales conversations. Katie focuses on the sales process, follow-up strategy, customer retention plan and customer selling strategies to drive results with strategic communication. Katie is a national speaker and trainer and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs gain clarity around what they are saying!

Katie is HUGE animal lover and has 2 dogs, Vinny and Theo and a cat named Greg. She and her boyfriend Henry have been together for 8 ½ years and enjoy cocktail bars and brewery tours with their pups.


Katie Myers
Aubrey Blankenship

Amy Johnson

Dovetail Marketing + Design
Serves as Director of Marketing
Independently for Kimberly Alexander Inc.

Amy Johnson is the CEO and Owner of Dovetail Marketing + Design. She is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting. She’s passionate about growing brands through strategic marketing campaigns that drive results and is committed to client success.

Amy listens, asks the right questions, and develops tactical marketing plans that fit her client’s unique needs. She is truly an A to Z marketer, offering graphics design, content writing, social media marketing and advertising, website design, SEO and analytics, budgeting and planning.

Amy loves being in the outdoors and taking adventures with her husband, Karl, and two kids, Kaleb and Adison. A Colorado native, she loves to ski, hike, eat good food, and share quality time with family and friends.

Amy has an incredible spirit, so passionate about making a difference in people’s lives in every area of her life. Amy is a mastermind and strategist to the core when it comes to marketing and staying abreast of the trends and updates in this fast-paced world. My kind of gal! Amy is dynamic, heart-felt and full of all things wonderful. A fantastic addition to our team!


Tricia Turpenoff

Turpenoff Photography
Serves as Company Photographer
Independently for Kimberly Alexander Inc.

I have known Tricia for years, and wow have they been good years! Tricia has this raw, unbridled talent that is unmatched. Beautiful inside and out, Tricia lights a room and keeps you laughing. A true master of her craft, she captures beauty and magic like you wouldn’t believe. A true gift to have in my corner!

It is my honor and obsessive passion to photograph purpose driven women. My clients feel super comfy that I have been branding clients for over 24 years professionally. I listen, educate, photograph true essence and elevate brands!

I married the love of my life in 2015. I’ve had a camera in my hand for over 42 years. I dig Michael Jackson. Proud fan of trashy television shows like Melrose Place and The Bachelor. One of my favorite foods is Uni. Lover of silliness, 80’s music, anything that sparkles, mid-century modern design and cooking for my friends & family.


Tricia Turpenoff