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The Grow Grid Virtual Mastermind

Build your Program. Rock the Stage. Plan your Growth

You’re ready to serve deep and wide… and nothing can stop you! You know you’ve got it, you just need the process and steps on how to do it. Learn all the steps and actions needed, to build out a remarkable foundation to further scale and grow your dream. The Grow Grid Virtual Mastermind Program is an intensive 9-month program with 6 select members

4 Programs in 1

  1. The Results Map Workshop: Plan your strategy for the quarter and Year to Date
  2. Program & Grow: Develop your programs to elevate and grow your brand
  3. Speak & Grow: Learn how to leave your audience wanting more in this targeted program to serve and sell from stage
  4. The Grow Grid Intensive: Learn from 7 Experts how to build & grow an incredible brand in this 2-day live event, November 2018


“As a professional photographer of over 25 years I found myself in a position that left me un-inspired and broken. Becoming a part of the Grow Grid Mastermind quickly opened my eyes to what I had been missing. Kimberly is brilliant in her teaching and knowing how to relate to me, my passion and my very own brilliance. With her guidance I feel like a giddy new business owner! More than that, I have been able to move my business more in the last 6 months than I ever had by myself. If you are looking to elevate your business and move into the 7-figure life, she is without question the woman to help you become unstoppable.
Feel free to Kimberly it up!”

– Tricia Turpenoff, Turpenoff Photography and Mentoring

“I attended the TRME retreat last August, and it was a huge eye opener for me. I knew I HAD to continue to work with Kimberly Alexander after that retreat! It was another no-brainer to join her Mastermind.

Yes it was a big decision, a commitment of my precious resources, time and money. Yet I have NOT regretted this decision. What Kimberly has created in this program is brilliant. It is a strategic system to move us along in growing our businesses and getting our messages out to our tribe in a most excellent way.
Easy, not really. Simple, ABSOLUTELY. I marvel at Kimberly’s ability to hone in on what matters and how to excavate our brilliance in a very short time period.

This program is what I have been looking for these past 10 years. I am beyond delighted and amazed at the results I have gotten from working with Kimberly and the marvelous other women in this group. Kimberly, Blake and her Premier Partners have revolutionized my business and my work. I am truly grateful!”

– Betsy Clark, Betsy Clark LLC

“I would not be where I am today or have the future I will have if it weren’t for my Grow Grid Mastermind Experience. Today I have my first book in hand because of Mastermind. Not only do I have a book, I have a clear strategy for leveraging the book to meet each of my goals.

Kimberly is THE real deal. She had a vision for me beyond what I could have imagined. She supported, led and taught me through every step. Kimberly over delivers and believes in delivering quality.”

– Denise Onofrey, Founder of The Connection Strategy

“I have been working with Kimberly to really maximize growth for my business in 2017 and have had amazing results. She is a growth strategist by trade and her ability to call it like she sees it with grace has been best for keeping me focused.”

– Tiffany Edgar, Founder of The Humanity Approach