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As entrepreneurs and small business owners, the crippling back-and-forth we do when it comes time to make important decisions can be a real hang-up. Each day we face a myriad of choices – from what time to wake up all the way to our bedtime routine.

“An average of twenty-seven choices per day take up to nine minutes to make. That’s four hours of contemplation time each day.”
The Results Map

There is a science behind how we make choices. How do our brains pick one option from another? It’s a tricky balance between control and value, risk and reward. Each of us goes through this process whenever a decision needs to be made. Making choices becomes easier once we are clear on what we want and understand the steps needed to get there.

Choice Obstacles


One of the reasons we hesitate to make choices is because we are harboring guilt. The guilt can come at the front end, causing us to avoid having to make a difficult choice, or after the fact when we’ve made a choice that doesn’t settle well with what we ultimately want.


When we aren’t clear on our choices, or what we want to achieve, we may be tempted to play the victim card. Instead of accepting accountability for making decisions that steer us away from our goals, we focus on accusations and placing blame on others in an attempt to distance ourselves from negativity or the consequences of choosing poorly.

Own Your Choices

Getting absolutely clear on exactly what we want to achieve opens up a path of possibility that becomes easier to follow and adhere to. Your choices will almost make themselves once you’ve made a commitment to the results you want to experience. No longer will you feel guilt for saying yes or saying no – your choice will be in line with your personal or professional strategy. There won’t be a need to point fingers or not take accountability because the moves you make are all part of your grand plan! Having a solid direction will help you to disassociate the emotions you tend to experience during the choosing process because you will have a laser-like focus on the end result.

Take back the power of choice by building your own Results Map, taking out the emotions involved with choosing things that don’t fall in line with your goals, and mapping a strategy for achieving the results you need to improve both your personal and professional life.

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