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Are you doing what you were meant to do? Have you found your propose? If you can honestly say that you have then let me offer you a huge congratulations! Many people will never find their purpose in life, and even fewer will have the confidence and boldness to jump in and pursue it. But just knowing what you were meant to do is only the first step to building the business of your dreams. There are many other hurdles you have to overcome in order to build a successful business around your passion. The first step is understanding what those hurdles are so you can avoid and overcome them. Here are the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail, and how to avoid having them happen to you.  

1. Lack of Focus

You have a fantastic business idea, something that is extremely needed within your sphere of influence, and you have so many ideas for taking it to the next level. Your ideas are solid but as you pursue one idea, you get another that sounds even better and your focus shifts. After a little time, you look back and realize you have not accomplished a fraction of what you wanted. Does this sound familiar? All too often, I see businesses and entrepreneurs with great business ideas failing to achieve the success they seek. It’s natural and good to get excited about what you are doing but you have to have a clear focus backed by a solid plan in order to achieve greatness.

2. Lack of Confidence

Fear is one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail or never get built in the first place. Each and every one of us has a past, and often that past holds us back from achieving great things in the present and in the future. Some people struggle with that small voice telling them they can’t, believing that no one else would listen to them. For others, it’s a matter of security – they have fantastic ideas for the business they want to build but are afraid of taking the financial risk of leaving their 9-5 to pursue it. Make no mistake, starting a business requires confidence, boldness and not just overcoming your fear, but harnessing it to help you succeed.

3. Lack of a Plan

For some entrepreneurs, fear is not an issue. They are confident that they have a million dollar idea and they move full speed ahead toward that end. What causes them to fail is not having a solid plan along the way. Too often, I see business owners push forward with all the right speed and tenacity it takes to be successful, but without a solid plan they end up burning out and not seeing the results they seek. If you are serious about building your business you will always struggle without a strategic plan for success.

Knowing your purpose and following your passion can be so freeing, but it can also shackle you if you don’t take the right measures to build a successful business. Too many entrepreneurs struggle at the bottom level of their business, pouring out their heart, time and experience but achieving little results. My passion and my purpose lies in helping these incredibly talented, brilliant business owners overcome the hurdles that are holding them back and help them develop the plan and focus they need to build the business of their dreams. Yes, it is possible and you will be amazed at what you can achieve with the right strategy in place.

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