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To own your own business takes great courage. You will encounter people, sometimes even those closest to you, that are uncomfortable with your purpose, mission and vision. They will stand on the sidelines of your path watching, waiting, and listening to see what you are going to do. Some may even want you to fail because they are threatened by your ability to think big and take action. These individuals, well-intentioned or not, do not have any power over you that you do not give them. In other words, be strong, be brave, be courageous, and use the following business strategy tips from chapter 4 of The Results Map for Women in Biz to help you to grow your courage and avoid being reactionary.

  1. Be Visionary

Do you remember why you started your business to begin with? Do you remember your purpose? You had, and still have, a vision for your business and where you want it to go. That can sometimes be a threat to others who do not know where they are going. So make sure that when you move forward you do so with purpose and understand that your journey is your own. Do not be closed off to honest feedback, but do not let others change the course of your thoughts and your journey for you either. You may in fact be headed on a great path, do not let the negativity of others take you off course. By staying focused on what you are trying to accomplish, and keeping your eyes on your goals, you will not be as easily swayed by the negative thoughts and opinions of others.

  1. Be Authentic

Have you heard the term “fake it till you make it?” For some people this is a life philosophy but it is not a very good one. Think about it, you are essentially misrepresenting yourself until you know what you are doing, and that is a terrible way to operate a business. The people around you will appreciate honest, genuine communication about what you can do and what you cannot, and by being authentic, you take away the power from those that might want to trip you up. Focus on the skills, capabilities and talents you have right now, and work to develop those you have not yet mastered. Your hard work to improve your current capabilities will evolve into bigger things down the road, but you have to stay true to who you are and what you can do right now.  

  1. Be Connected

One of the greatest ways to rise above negativity is to focus on where you are going and what, or who, will help you get there. By surrounding yourself with the right people you will not only have a safety net to help you get through difficult times, but you will build a ladder to help you reach the next level of your goals. Everyone needs a business mentor because let’s face it, building a business is hard even after you’ve found success. Don’t limit yourself to just one mentor either. You may at some point outgrow a mentor, or need someone else to give you the perspective you need to reach your next goal. You will likely need different mentors and leaders to help guide you at different stages throughout your journey. By connecting yourself, and opening yourself up to wise counsel from others you will repel negativity and attract growth and opportunity.

The prevailing thread here is continue to grow. Find opportunities to increase your knowledge and skill sets and identify the individuals and organizations that will help you do it. You will never completely eliminate negativity, on the contrary you may experience more opposition the more successful you become, but the best defense is to keep proving them wrong with your successes, growth and achievements. If you don’t already have something set for personal development on the calendar this month, think about what areas of your business and life you’d like to improve, then find the people and resources you need to help you do it.  

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