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Anyone who has read my book or followed my work knows that I’m a BIG fan of the crew. Your crew, the people you choose to have beside you and work with, can make or break your business. Business owners can elevate their business forward, at lightning speed, with the right people on their team.

Identifying Your Crew

Every entrepreneur should have at least ten people on their crew. The first five individuals will be comprised of your cheerleaders. Who are the people in your world that believe in you, maybe even more than you believe in yourself? If you needed someone to walk through fire so that you could be successful, who would step up and volunteer? This could include your spouse, a family member, a mentor or coach, or a collaborative business partner. These people already understand the ins and outs of what it takes to run your business – they are familiar with the challenges, successes, and strategy that go along with what you do.

The next five people are outsourced specialists. These crew members will vary depending on what your current goals are and where your business needs to be to get to that next well. What do you need to implement? What do you need to learn to meet that next milestone? What do you need to get off your plate so you can focus on growth?

When I was working on getting The Results Map published, my publisher was a HUGE part of my crew. However, until I begin work on another book and get it ready to print, he’s on the back burner and I have another crew member taking his place for now. He will be back – when my goals require him to be. It all depends on what you are trying to grow and manage with your business.

Shifting Your Line Up

If there is anyone on your crew that is beginning to exhibit signs of jealously, envy, or negativity, it’s time for that person to fall of your crew. Just because someone has been with you for ages, doesn’t mean they have to remain in that spot forever. You have to make the best possible choices in order for your business to achieve success. Sometimes that will mean shifting your line up in ways you might not have expected at the start. Release your hesitation, or any harboring guilt, and do what needs to be done to more forward.

Also, make it a point to regularly look at your line up and compare it to your game plan. Do you have the resources available that you need to meet your quarterly goals? Are you missing something vital to really make this year remarkable? If you don’t set aside time to examine and ask these questions, your crew will become less effective.

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